Learn How To Make CNC Router With DIY Smart Saw

The concept of DIY smart saw sounds pretty different and is definitely thought-provoking. The usage of this can bring a significant change in any kind of DIY wood work in which you engage yourself and the final transformed look will be definitely worth your time.

With this tool, you can attempt decorating your home and in addition, the kind of change it brings about is pretty intriguing! With this, you can turn any project of your dreams into reality in just about a heart beat!

You can convert plain things into unique work of art and make presents for your friends and family using simple plain wood. From customizing a wrecked chair to making cribs, there is nothing related to wood work which can’t be accomplished with its usage.

You don’t have to worry about imperfect measurements and in fact, you can create the wanted design on the ‘auto-pilot’ mode while having pinpoint accuracy and that too without having to follow a proper blueprint. Even the first-timers can use this tool like an absolute pro! because it is that easy to use.

do it yourself

Who Developed It?

This immensely useful tool was created by Alex Grayson who is an engineer by profession and has always been captivated by technology. He claims that since childhood he had this inquisitiveness of exploring the labyrinth followed in the making of electronics.

He apparently loved to open up TVs, ovens, machines and every other electronic present around! His childhood activities make his passion really evident.

He is indeed a very talented individual to have come up with such a startling concept. He also says that initially, he had to really work a lot on it, as it was a tough grind. However, it was his hobby and in fact, he used to wake up early to get engaged in wood work so as to leave the everyday worriments and tensions behind.

With this magical tool, he built items that you can’t even think of. Gradually, he became really famous amongst his friends for his classic woodwork and kept coming up with unbelievably fantastic creations that injected their lives with a serious sense of awe!

If you want to create such amazing items then you can grab the guide at just 39$ here!




It can be also called as a CNC machine and its mechanism is pretty simple. CNC stands for computer numerical control which basically means you punch the numbers into a computer and those numbers command the computer to work in a way desired by you. And in the case of do it yourself, it gives the machine the exact spots to carve onto.

It might sound abstruse but it is really easy to understand and implement. Imagine a sharp sculpting tool moving from front and back, left to right and up&down. Hook it up to a computer and voila! your ultra precise wood carving machine that can spit out unique personalized pieces of wood-work is ready!

It is indeed a smart saw because it lets you create the incogitable! The blueprint here is the drawing present in your imagination, and you just need to push a button to design and create the desired piece.

Anything from wooden toys for your kids to tables, chairs, home decor pieces, desks, boxes or cabinets! there are simply no limits.


do it yourself


With this effective tool, you can ensure that there is no error in your work because it is a cent percent self-correcting device. It acts like a master craftsman who corrects everything ahead of time so that you’d never make a wrong cut.

You need not waste a lot of money on buying a lot of wood because your first attempt at creating a flawless piece will be surely successful. In fact, even a lousy wood-worker can make the most complex pieces in no time. Even the smallest intricate detailing is done very precisely with no error at all.

It, in fact, works 20 times faster than a human hand! as it is already programmed and knows exactly what you are going for. In addition, this tool makes you feel like turning your hobby into a passion, and gradually as you come up with projects having a great finish, people will automatically start lining up to grab that alluring piece of wood art.

And, in no time you will see that your hobby has turned into a business!
Another great benefit is that it can operate completely on auto pilot mode, so you just need to select your design whenever you have 5 minutes of spare time and let it begin to work.

As a matter of fact, almost 95% percent of your job ends after you pick the design. So, you can relax until smart saw prints out your project.Here, you need not think a lot about creating the right cuts or worry about wasting wood.

You could really sink your teeth into the actual construction and i.e. the ‘real part of DIY-ing’. After using it a couple of times, you will get a hang of it, you will feel pretty confident about creating something big and amusing.



do it yourself



Stated above, is a pretty long list of pros, isn’t it? When it comes to cons, it’s just about lashing out some good money. No matter wherever you buy it from, but a professional CNC machine will cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

However, you can find a second-hand machine on a platform like eBay where it might cost you just about 2000$ but then if this tool helps you in saving money on all your furniture, then it is definitely worth the price.



This do it yourself plans is the key to turn dreams into reality the exact way you picture it in your mind. Using this can make you erase any infuriating experience that you might have had in the past related to DIYing.

With this unique tool, all you feel is ‘pride and satisfaction’ as you keep finishing your projects.

Without this, as a beginner, carving out details can turn out to be a real toughie, and all you do is fantasize about quitting. So, start using this magical tool before you spend hundreds of dollars on woods and hundreds of hours on getting things wrong.